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Sizzle Intimates Releases New Line of Sports Bras

Sizzle adds to its growing line of Athleti-wear


Scottsdale, AZ: Sizzle Intimates, a leading online lingerie and intimate apparel site, today announced the addition of Sports Bras to their growing lineup of Atletiwear. As the public continues their journey towards a healthier lifestyle, Athletiwear (Athletic Inspired Attire) is one of the fastest growing segments of the intimate apparel market. This positions Sizzle Intimates as a leading supplier of dual-purpose lingerie.

Of the company’s recent addition, Sizzle Intimates CEO Kerry Allan said, “Sports Bras certainly aren’t new. What’s new is people’s growing acceptance of them for everyday wear and the beautiful new styles and designs available. In fact, it’s hard to think of these items as lingerie. They look so good you’ll want to be seen in them.” He added: “More than looking great, it’s amazing how some new materials being used in their manufacture allow for comfort both during and after workouts.”

Sports Bras play an important role in preventing pain, soreness and sagging during physical activities like running or working out. These activities cause the breasts to bounce up and down and even in a figure eight pattern. Continuous movement is what causes the soreness. Both skin and Cooper’s ligaments1 (ligaments that give the breast size and shape) will stretch during exercise. Once stretched, they do not return to their original position.

About Sizzle Intimates: Sizzle Intimates ( is an online lingerie and intimate apparel company based out of Scottsdale AZ. They specialize in the latest fashion designs offered at an affordable price because of their highly efficient supply chain management.


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